Linksys Smart WiFi Setup Linksys smart WiFi router is an easy way to configure Linksys router. By visiting login admin page. Access your Linksys router by opening Linksys router backend control panel.

With Linksys routers you can create wireless networks that can connect your computer, printer, and other Wi-Fi devices. Linksys Smart WiFi Router has high features that provide more reliability than other methods. Login Linksys router setup

Configure your Linksys router from the control panel. You can access your Linksys Smart Wifi router by opening your browser and going to Connect your Linksys Smart Wifi device to your device, set up and configure the Administrator login.

Linksys Smart WiFi Setup manually with admin

Setup linksys router, install and configure Linksyssmartwifi admin panel. Connect Linksys router to devices and consimize the settings of Linksys router local panel. Follow the steps to Linksy router setup.

  • Unpack the Linksys WiFi router package.
  • Connect the antennas (come with package) to the router.
  • Now connect the router to your device such as desktop computer, laptop or mobile phone with an Ethernet cable.
  • Take a look at the Linksys router LED light. If the flash light is green, indicates that router is connected to devices.
  • Access or default IP address on any browser of your choice.
  • Please login linksyssmartwifi admin with your credentials. Or Look under the router for default login username/password.
  • You can now run the control panel of a Linksys router.
  • Configure Linksyssmartwifi connection, set up Linksys router and configure network manager.

How do I set up Linksys Smart WiFi wireless?

Follow the steps to linksys router setup wireless, 

Step 1: 

  • Go to the website page to configure your Linksys router. 
  • Open any compatible web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari or Edge)
  • Enter “” in the browser’s address bar.
  • Then press ENTER.

Step 2: 

  • You need to enter your linksyssmartwifi login details.
  • Enter your username(keeping blank), type “admin” in the administration passkey field.
  • Then hit the OK button.

You can successfully configure linksys smart wifi router. And further can install its settings.

How To Install Linksys Router

Your Linksys router can connect to multiple computers or mobile devices. Most network interfaces now have wireless communication on the router’s network interface. Follow these steps to configure your Linksys router, install various tools on your router, and configure your login at

How to Connect Linksys router to network adapter:-

  • Plug the router into a power switch.
  • The other end is the Linksys Smart Wifi router for your device.
  • Check and open the connections.

How to Connect Linksys router to the modem:

  • Connect to the WAN port with an Ethernet cable.
  • Indicates that the status LED is green. Login

  • Open Chrome, Edge, or any your choice of web browser.
  • Enter the URL of your browser or http://myrouter.local or
  • Enter default credentials (new username/password if changed).
  • Now click the Login button to access the Linksys Smart Wifi control panel.

Access Linksys router admin management portal

From the IP address for Linksys router login or setup linksys wifi admin panel. Setup parental control, network settings, Wifi password configuration, update linksys router firmware, install extender to router or more. 

If Linksyssmartwifi is not connected to the server, or cant access Linksys smart wifi admin page getting not working error then you can get help from routerlocal experts. 

How can I change username SSID and password of

Setup your Linksys router, It makes it easy for the user to change the WiFi SSID username and passkey. Steps to change or optimize SSID and password of Linksys router.

  • Open your Linksys administrator account.
  • Open “Connect” in the Linksys menu. You can now select your router model and click Change settings.
  • Now you can go to the Change option to customize your username and password.
  • This may take you to a new window and re-enter the new username and passkey.
  • Save your settings, just hit the “Save” button and Apply. 
How can I change username SSID and password of Linksys wrt1200ac ac1200 authentication

Check for Linksys router firmware update at

Check for Linksys router firmware update at
  • Check for updates of firmware for your Linksys WiFi router.
  • You can update the firmware on your Linksys router.
  • Open your Linksys router regularly at
  • On the Admin page, a list of device or model firmware updates will appear. Or it will show a notification prompt for available firmware upgrades. 
  • Select router model number, and continue signing up and installing the latest firmware update service.
Linksys router firmware update using linksyssmartwifi or myrouter.local or using app

If Linksys firmware update fails or not working, it gets corrupted after installing or gets stuck while upgrading. Contact Linksyssmartwifi or myrouterlocal professional to fix the issue.

Update the Linksys Smart WiFi app

Update the Linksys Smart WiFi app

After downloading the Linksys app, enter your Linksys router details. The firmware option is displayed on the control panel. Run it with you and get the new firmware. The Linksys app also automatically notifies you when new firmware updates are available. Select it and download, it will automatically start installing the firmware update process.

Linksys router reset

  • There is a “reset” button on the back of the Linksys router.
  • Press and hold the manual needle on “reset” button for 7-8 seconds.
  • Restart the system and the blue light will indicate that the power is on and the router has rebooted.
  • Now connect the router to WLAN.
Linksys router reset using "reset" button
Factory reset Linksys router using

Factory reset Linksys router using

  • Open the control panel Linksys router and login.
  • Open ‘Menu’ and tap ‘Admin’
  • Go to the management menu and select “Factory Reset”.
  • Click it, and after that reboot your device.
  • The router blinks for a few seconds and then goes stable solid light.

Note:Do not interrupt the process of factory setting, and after linksys router reset all settings will be at default. You need to again login linksyssmartwifi admin using default credentials. And then optimise the control panel settings.

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